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Guide to Start the Entrance Procedures

Entrance Procedures User Guide

Please follow the steps below and confirm the contents of the "Personal Information Management" before registering for the enrollment process.

 advance preparation1.Identify and prepare the necessary environment for enrollment and registration

The following checks and preparations are required to complete the entrance procedures through this system.

1.Recommended environment

For more information about recommended environment, please click here.


 advance preparation2. Review the information necessary to complete the Entrance process.

Please be sure to review the Entrance Procedures Guidebook and Procedural Documents before implementing the Entrance Procedure Registration.
Also, please confirm the important date and time ( end date of procedure) for the enrollment process.

The enrollment procedure involves not only registration in the system, but also transfer of the enrollment fee and other fees, and mailing of the necessary documents. Please read the Entrance Procedures Guidebook carefully and follow the procedures.


 STEP1. Personal Information Registration

Please enter the necessary information by the due date according to  "Registration of Student Information" in the

Enrollment Procedures menu.
For student information, please enter the address at the time of admission to the University.(Residential address after April 2024. If you are planning to move, please enter your current address once and enter it during the period as soon as it is determined. If you have decided on a new address after the enrollment period, please follow the instructions given by the office of the faculty or graduate school where you will enroll.)
*The information you register here will be registered with the university as your personal information after admission. Please be careful not to make any mistakes.

 STEP2.Verify photo for student ID

Upload a photo for the student ID card at  " Upload Photo for Student ID Card"in the

Enrollment Procedures menu.From the Photo Registration and Confirmation screen, you can confirm the photo that will be used for your student ID card. Changes can be made only during the photo registration period.

After the photo registration period, you will not be able to change your photo.
The portrait photo will be used as a student ID photo after enrollment for the duration of the student's enrollment.

 STEP3. Pay the admission fee

The status of the entrance fee payment and the date/due date of payment are shown in the  " Entrance Fee Payment Procedures "in the

Enrollment Procedures menu.
Click the "Proceed" button and select the method of payment of the admission fee on the "Payment Selection" screen before the payment deadline, and make the payment.
*Please make sure to do so by the payment due date. Please note that after the payment due date, payment will not be made.
To exit the payment site, close the tab and return to the Admission Procedures menu to continue with other registration procedures.

Payment selection, payment method selection, and payment procedures

Select the payment amount and payment method, and follow the instructions on the screen.
●Credit card, convenience store, bank ATM (pay-as-you-go), Internet banking
Follow the on-screen instructions and click "Next" to make your payment.
(A service fee is required in addition to the enrollment fee.)

●Those who apply for exemption or deferment of payment of the entrance fee.
In the payment method selection, please select "Click here if you are applying for entrance fee waiver" or "Click here if you are applying for deferment of entrance fee payment.

 STEP4. Mail the enrollment documents

Click the "Download" button in the "

Enrollment Procedures menu.  " Downloading Documents" to download the address labels necessary for mailing the required documents.
After that, please affix the printed "address label" to a commercially available envelope (Kakugata 2 type), enclose the required documents, and send them by mail so that they must arrive by the end of the document acceptance period.

completion  Preparation for enrollment is complete. 

Please check carefully the information on the website of Entrance Procedures for important information.
Please note that the contents of this site may be updated from time to time. Please be sure to check back regularly.


Personal Information Management

When starting the procedure, make sure to review the “Personal Information Management” below.

Personal Information Management

Chiba University will use the personal information submitted by applicants, such as name and address, for a series of procedures leading to admission, scholarship loans for the Chiba Prefecture Regional Entrance Examination, and for sending documents and notices necessary for starting student life at Chiba University, as well as for statistical processing of data related to the entrance examination.

Please note that Chiba University may outsource some of these operations to contractors.
In such cases, Chiba University and the contractors entrusted with such work will not use the applicant's personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the above purposes of use.